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The WEB Shanty, LLC is a professional web design company that designs, develops, and markets functional, appealing, and affordable websites and blogs that do two things:

  1. Attract qualified visitors.
  2. Convert those visitors into paying customers.

Serving the Reno/Lake Tahoe area, our clients are small business owners and entrepreneurs who want their website to be a major part of their marketing strategy.

Our passion is helping you reach your web marketing goals.

Photo Frame Jeffery Davis - freelance web designer and developer

Jeffery Davis
Web Designer and Developer

Jeffery is a freelance web and blog designer who has been creating websites since 2006. Having worked in Sales and Marketing since 2003, Jeffery applies Sales and Marketing principles to website design enabling your website to be a highly effective marketing tool.

Jeffery received his Bachelor of Science in Information Technology/Software Engineering degree from University of Phoenix in 2009 and went on to receive his Master of Information Systems from University of Phoenix in 2010.

Jeffery actively writes for his blog:
Ninja Web Strategies for Entrepreneurs.

Photo Frame Roger Diez - freelance web copywriter

Roger Diez
Web Copywriter

Roger is a freelance writer who is skilled in writing compelling content for websites and blogs, radio/TV commercials, newspaper/magazine articles, press releases, sales/marketing collateral, and technical documentation. He is also available as voice talent for commercials, both online and broadcast media.

Roger has worked in a wide variety of industries, ranging from high technology engineering and manufacturing management to marketing and sales of products, services, and advertising (both print and electronic). He currently has his own company, Get It Write, Inc., which provides professional writing services for companies that need to tell a compelling story about their business.

Roger holds a BSBA degree in Business/Marketing, with undergraduate work in English/journalism and Engineering.

Photo Frame Les Smith - freelance web videographer

Les Smith
Web Videographer

Les is a freelance web videographer who specializes in creating compelling internet video content that will boost the presentation and marketing visibility of your products and services.

Les has more than 30 years of film and television production experience, including being a Video Specialist for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and being Executive Director of Sierra Nevada Community Access Television (SNCAT).

Les holds a Broadcast Communications & Educational Media degree from Brigham Young University and a degree in Education Technology from Western Governors University. Les is a native Nevadan from Boulder City.


The WEB Shanty has assisted us greatly in transforming our web presence into a more in-depth professional sales tool.

Jeff’s ability to understand and develop the critical content of our core business as a marketing tool has improved our overall company image.

The WEB Shanty has worked within the time constraints of our business while providing expert advice contributing to our marketing messaging.

I recommend The WEB Shanty as they have outperformed expectations within my timeline, constraints, and budget.

Jodie Andersen
JoDog Sport, Inc.